Jake Beaber

For almost 20 years, Jake has been involved in the meetings and event industry. He has worn the hat of entertainer, producer, project manager and business owner. After his merger with Starkey Productions, Jake now is involved in the art of producing entertainment products unique to the industry and providing technical expertise to some of our most important customers. Jake leads our live music and mobile entertainment division, along with being a resource for producing some of the most creative and most demanding of shows or projects.

Contact Jake and find out why most people look to his talents and creativity to ensure a flawlessly executed show where their audience is engaged and message delivered. In his downtime, Jake plays soccer and is a part of several softball leagues, maintains a single digit golf handicap and has still not lost his passion for sports and competition in general.

If you want to learn more about Jake and how he can help you on your next meeting or event, email him at jake@starkeyproductions.com.

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