Holiday Imposters Show

The Imposters WOWed the volunteers of Saint Joseph’s Hospital with a stunning holiday rendition of the Imposters Show.  The three performers and solo pianist surprised guests with a performance of singing and dancing that left guests wanting more!

The Imposters are performers who surprise your guests by blending in at the event, and then breaking out into entertainment, whether it’s the valet guy making a scene and breaking into a group performance, or the catering staff suddenly hopping on stage and performing. Your guests will love it!

Client Feedback:


The show today was FANTASTIC!!   Some of the comments from the volunteers were “that was the best entertainment we have ever had” and “they were so much fun” “so talented” and much more.

My boss, the CEO of the Foundation, was sooooooooooo impressed.  He said that it was the best volunteer luncheon we have had in the 12 years he has been here.  I am hoping that this will open doors for us to work together going forward!

Please thank everyone on the team and extend my thanks to Chris for giving us such a killer discount.  Only challenge…now we have set the bar.

Thanks again,


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