Chris Starkey

Since the opening of Starkey Productions, Chris’s company has been looked upon as the leader in innovative products and services around the country. Chris started his career as a Broadway Performer and traveled the world sharing his talents. He is currently the CEO of Starkey Productions with offices in Denver, Phoenix, and Orlando.

Chris is quoted as saying: “I truly found my passion working in this industry. Performing all over the world with Broadway productions, Disney events, and cruise ship performances in my twenties, it was a natural transition in my forties to own and operate an entertainment production company that allows me to continue to be artistic and permits me to provide a great home for my family.”

Chris enjoys classical and Broadway show music, a love for dance (Chris is an exceptional tap and jazz dancer) and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time. You can catch him at the local grocery store on his Moped as Chris enjoys living a sustainable “green” life.

If you want to learn more about Chris and how he can help you on your next meeting or event, email him at

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